Roman Holidays
Roman Holidays

Silver State Polyurethane
Performance Benefits:
  • Lighter in weight: a thin Polyurethane (PU) coating will provide the same strength and durability as a thicker, stiffer PVC.
  • Stain Resistance: Using high grade PU resins will proving outstanding inherent stain resistance.
Enhanced Seating Comfort:
  • Polyurethanes tend to be significantly softer in hand.
  • PU’s are breathable (to varying degrees) while PVC’s are not.
  • High Grade PU’s will remain cool on the surface, even after being sat on for longer periods of time. PVC’s will become hot and (in some cases) sticky.
Environmental Benefits:
  • The Polyurethane face decomposes over a period of time. PVC ends in landfills and does not decompose.
  • PU is incinerable and Non-toxic when burnt
  • PU Emits less harmful substances (Low VOC)
  • Specific to our PU'S patterns: they are free of Heavy Metals (antimonies), Phthalates, Formaldehyde, BPA, as well as other harmful substances that can be found in other PU's or PVC's.
Other Benefits:
  • Lower minimums per color in production, making custom patterns and colors more manageable.