Roman Holidays
Roman Holidays
Sunbrella® La Playa by Alaxi

An Exclusive Alaxi Sunbrella® Collection

Put yourself in a sun drenched apartment 40 stories above an urban landscape with Miles Davis serenading you. Listen to the waves caressing the sand and rocks on an Aegean coast.

This is the inspiration for our latest Alaxi/Sunbrella collection LA PLAYA. Cool, sophisticated, discerning, all describing the person who LA PLAYA will appeal to. These are some of the patterns you will find in LA PLAYA.

HAMBURG - A large scale leaf pattern with a delicate design. Easy layout for a large piece or a pillow.  

OINGO BOINGO - Fun textured combination of stripes and circles with chenille accents. Easy to match with a variety of fabrics.  Each hue has 3 to 4 colors.

DASH DOT & DASH DOT STRIPE - A modern to contemporary coordinate and stripe with a textured boucle. New and fresh to the industry.

LA PLAYA is available now to order or to sample. Make a statement or make a room LA PLAYA is not something you’ve seen before.